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Our award winning positive behaviour support training is both fun and rewarding - no falling asleep in our sessions!

WTM trainers have extensive clinical backgrounds and aim to support staff to prevent challenging behaviour and ultimately improve the environment and relationships we share with the people we support. We are extremely proud to say that we have evidence-based research of reduction in restraint, restrictive practice and incidents where our programme has been fully implemented.

How does it work? Tell us what you want to achieve from your training and we will tailor the course content to your organisation's need. Click the topic buttons below to see examples of the training we deliver:

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Positive Behaviour Support and BILD ACT/RRN Certificated training:

BILD ACT/RRN Certificated Train a Trainer:

Meeting the Standards (BILD ACT/RRN):

Autism Acceptance (also available online):

Functional Behaviour Assessment (FBA):

Personal Safety and Conflict Resolution:

Scatolia, Coprophagia, Coprophilia (also available online):

Sexual Safety and Empowerment:

Mental Health Awareness:

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